Women drive Pakistan’s ride-sharing industry

This Ozy story is from a trip to Pakistan in January: Riffat Sheraz stands out in Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, as she rides on her motorcycle with a man seated behind her. Women rarely ride motorcycles here, much less with unknown men. But driving others around is what Sheraz does every day. What was once taboo is now emerging as an employment opportunity for Pakistani … Continue reading Women drive Pakistan’s ride-sharing industry

Wandering while at work

Digital nomads are one of the most exciting trends in work. So many people, including project managers (and writers — yay!) need little more than a solid internet connection and a laptop to execute their work. Young people are realizing that means they can take their jobs on the road and see the world while they connect with other professionals in unfamiliar spaces. What does … Continue reading Wandering while at work

The offsite construction boom hits a bump

What happens when you bring factory-style innovation to construction? Modular, or offsite, construction is becoming more and more common across industries, including hotels and fast-food chains. But how can a building that is put together in pieces ensure the same level of quality and safety of traditional construction? The model was put to the test recently when a prefabricated bridge collapsed in Miami. I spoke … Continue reading The offsite construction boom hits a bump

Convention centers get a makeover

Convention centers are redesigning and expanding as they compete to attract global conferences to their cities. What makes a convention center compelling? In Seattle, where the Washington State Convention Center enjoys a large footprint near the downtown area, a major draw is the urban environment where conference goers and enjoy many amenities. In Las Vegas, the annual CES show that brings the world’s leading high-tech … Continue reading Convention centers get a makeover

Designing the office of the future

Workplaces used to be on the cutting edge of innovation: Think of the Palm Pilot as one of the first smart devices, or the Blackberry phone. They were products for office use that most consumers came across through their jobs. But today, consumer technology is often far ahead of our workplaces. Offices have yet to embrace smart technology and all its potential, even though it … Continue reading Designing the office of the future

Crowded cities spark transit innovation

This article is about bus rapid transit projects, which are becoming popular around the world as more and more people move to urban areas and cities swell. They require less funding and infrastructure than streetcars or other rail projects, but can help reduce traffic and commute times. It was fascinating to report this piece for the September issue of PM Network and learn about the … Continue reading Crowded cities spark transit innovation

Leadership amid the #MeToo movement

As the former CEO of Catalyst, Deborah Gillis consulted with the world’s largest companies on how to accelerate and advance female leaders. Her take on the #MeToo movement and other controversial issues of our time is that companies must hold leaders, and themselves, accountable to ensure that their actions reflect the principles that the business purports to uphold. Read more in my interview with her. Continue reading Leadership amid the #MeToo movement