Journalism and Twitter Lists

Mashable did a really interesting round-up of how news organizations are using Twitter lists to serve up and organize content.

Lists are a really big deal. They have the potential to really transform Twitter into a useful tool for a variety of purposes, as the piece points out. Yesterday, CNN provided a feed that provided coverage of the November 3 elections from multiple sources. ESPN is using the feature similarly to provide World Series coverage. The New York Times has compiled a list of its tweeting staff so that fans can read the latest messages from all their favorite reporters.

Journalism is certainly evolving because of social media. I just learned of a new venture,, that lets readers submit questions that journalists then ask of DC lawmakers. It’s really genius because the site uses social media technology to make mass media a two-way street. It’s a lot easier to call up the local paper than to get an ear at the New York Times. But with this tool, you can get the same clout you have locally in Washington.

I’d be interested in seeing what other news ventures are trying to use technology to update the industry. Sometimes we focus too much on the monetizing aspect — it’s important, I know — instead of the great potential to improve our field with tools like Twitter lists.

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