What do GOP victories mean for Obama?

The Republicans won some key states in the gubernatorial elections yesterday, and many analysts are reading this as a referendum on the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress.

With nearly a year under his belt, has Obama accomplished enough? The Congress has been slow to move on health care reform, but there was massive financial reform enacted — though that was already happening under Bush’s leadership.

Living in DC gives me a sense that politics can change the world around us and that the changes in Washington are having an impact. But I wonder whether, outside the Beltway, most Americans feel skeptical of our lawmakers and whether they are doing anything to address their plights.

When it comes to jobs, unemployment may be rising but companies are certainly seeing growth once again. Most business stories I am reading predict an end to the recession soon. Unemployment checks were extended in many states to address the issue of mass layoffs and general lack of jobs.

Despite the controversy around it and the lack of supply initially, the government has been providing swine flu shots. I haven’t tried to go stand in line for one, but have read about plenty of people who have — and have gotten them successfully.

I don’t have the wisdom of years past to reflect on whether the change happening now is any faster or slower than under any other administration. Certainly, the Bush administration moved more swiftly to change foreign policy, provide support to faith-based groups, and loosen environmental regulations. How does Obama compare?

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