Scantily clad in Pakistan

I greatly enjoyed seeing some international coverage of Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi last week, which coincided with its Mumbai counterpart. While the people who would wear such Western-influenced outfits make up a very small percentage of Pakistani society, it’s refreshing to see Pakistan be covered as the diverse, complicated nation that it is.

Still, it’s irritating that most of the stories ran with the obvious lede: Here are some brazen souls challenging the mullahs and celebrating fashion as their nation incinerates. (Never mind that the event was rescheduled twice because of security concerns.) It’s hard for those of us living in developed nations to understand that life goes on even in the most tumultuous regions. People who lives in places that are constantly in upheaval get used to the madness. They don’t stop partying, arranging weddings, or playing with their kids. (Duh?)

That being said, it’s equally as grating that members of Pakistani high society can be so oblivious of the mass poverty and affliction around them. The luxuries of their lives must be insulting to the many servants employed to maintain that lifestyle. It’s one of the many ironies of the world. It’s worth noting that we well-off Americans are just as guilty of profligacy in the face of hunger, homelessness, and want. It’s just that our society hides those problems better.

I digress. Check out the designer galleries for some enticing haute couture.

One thought on “Scantily clad in Pakistan

  1. Well said Ambreen ~ there are so many ways to analyze it. In the greater scheme of things, props to Pakistan for challenging it’s own image, and resuming the progress of cultural and artistic exchange amidst it’s “issues” as a country .. thanks again for sharing!

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