Women’s plight and other everyday tragedies

KristofBookFollowing up on my post about rape on domestic tribal lands domestically, Nicholas D. Kristof has written a new book with his wife that details some startling statistics about the worldwide oppression of women. I’ve heard plenty of criticism about Kristof’s “parachute journalism” on global poverty, but that doesn’t make the truth about these atrocities — and most of media’s neglect of them — any less real. These are from Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide:

– Every 4 minutes, an Indian girl dies because of lack of medical care.
– One-third of all women are victims of domestic violence.
– There are at least 10 million child sex slaves worldwide.
– Male violence causes more injuries and deaths among women ages 15-44 than cancer, malaria, car accidents, and war combined.

One thought on “Women’s plight and other everyday tragedies

  1. subhanAllah Ambreen! I had heard an interview with him a few wks ago on NPR and I told myself I would buy the book but couldn’t remember his last name. Wonderful, so glad you posted it 🙂

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