Media types and Jon Stewart

I just read a survey about my former Seattle Post-Intelligencer colleagues. As you know, 140 of them lost jobs earlier this year when Hearst killed the paper and turned the newsroom online-only with 18 jobs.

The survey reflects what I have heard from people as well. Most are filing for unemployment and waiting for jobs to turn up. It’s hard to find work when 100 people just as qualified as you are also looking for jobs in writing … in Seattle. The city has only so many communications and journalism jobs. Just a few months ago, I saw that the Seattle Times was hiring two reporters. It was cause to rejoice, especially in a climate where most newsroom are laying off people. But two jobs are hardly anything in the face of such rampant joblessness.

Meanwhile, thought-provoking piece from Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News on Jon Stewart and today’s media coverage. This statement especially gave me pause:

Tear down this wall…of pretending that the media itself isn’t a major player in American society, and isn’t a factor in most big stories.

It’s true that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are among the few mainstream outlets that are watching the watchdogs. Is media slacking off by not better policing itself, or is it someone else’s job to provide that coverage? I find the topic intriguing, and will post more as I continue my research.

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