In search of good coffee

By sheer luck, I discovered a true gem in D.C. a few months ago: Swing’s Coffee. I must have walked by the nondescript location near the White House for years without realizing that what seemed like an office building was in fact a cool, worldly coffee roasting company.

There isn’t much I can say about this place that this photo does not:

Coffee art

D.C. really has a dearth of good coffee shops that serve up drinks worth the $4 price tag. Swing’s serves up well-foamed, rich espresso concoctions that are a real delight, and they would make my hometown proud.

But an even cooler thing about this place is that it is just a block from the White House, and the original owner who started the company in 1916 appears to be into photography. The walls of the cafe and the bathrooms are lined with photos of Washington way back when, and it is a real treat to escape into a little bit of history as you sip away.

The cafe is also close to the World Bank, so it’s common to hear customers speaking in different languages or with accents. Bonus points for catering to an international crowd!

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