Arugula 3 ways: Breakfast smoothie

Arugula, that rocket green with its sharp kick, is a regular in my kitchen. But if I don’t whip up a salad with it or use it in sandwiches within a day or two of getting it from the farmer’s market, the delicate leaves start to wither fast. I find that storing arugula like you would flowers or herbs, in a glass with water that’s changed daily, seems to help. But I still found myself with leftover arugula at the end of this week, and I decided to experiment with three ways to use it pulverized.

Not only are these three recipes – the smoothie to the left, an avocado-arugula soup and eggplant and mushroom gnocchi with arugula drizzle – great ways to use up withering greens, they demonstrate the green’s versatility. I enjoyed a smoothie for breakfast, the soup for lunch and the gnocchi as a hearty dinner. I’m going to post the recipes in that way, so expect the soup around lunchtime today!

Smoothie recipe after the jump. Ingredients for all three here:

Arugula apple smoothie
Arugula is really great in shakes and drinks because it balances out uber-sweet fruits such as pineapple and pears. I had neither on hand, so I opted for apples and dates. In lieu of a banana to emulsify the drink, I opted for avocado to create a creamy green background for the fruits and veggies.

This is simple: Blend together about 12 stems of arugula leaves, 1/2 a ripened, seeded avocado, 1/2 diced, frozen apple (or fresh apple and a few ice cubes), 2 pitted dates, 1 cup milk and honey to taste. The avocado really thickens it up, so add more milk as needed.

Serves 2 in about 10 minutes.

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