iPhone App Will Help You Lobby

Here’s another clip from Roll Call, also a front pager. I am on the road again, so I’m not doing much cooking. I hope the political coverage makes up! Happy June!

iPhone App Will Help You Lobby
Roll Call, June 2, 2011

The rock-musician-turned-activist Bono wants you to know: You, too, can be a lobbyist, and all you need is an iPhone.

ONE, the anti-poverty group co-founded by Bono, launched an app Wednesday that lets iPhone users call their lawmakers at the touch of a button. It even provides a script of what to say.

The project is one of several efforts by advocacy groups to use mobile technology to harness the power of their grass roots and pressure Members of Congress.

By making it easy for someone to lobby while in line at the post office or while watching television, the group expects to have many more of its 2.5 million grass-roots supporters involved in influencing policy.

“It arms our army with a much more effective and potent organizing tool,” Jeff Davidoff, ONE’s chief marketing officer, said. “We think that mobile technology is the next step.”

Read on at Roll Call.com.

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