Chicken biryani with friends

I am back in Washington, D.C., now and while I have not yet moved into my own space (with my own kitchen), I have enjoyed cooking with friends. This delicious chicken biryani comes from my friend T, who had me over to watch her layer on the flavor. Biryani is like the proverbial chicken soup to me — It reminds me of my childhood, makes me feel better when I am sick and cheers me up.

Generally, biryani is rice that has been flavored with meat and spices. In this case, T made a curry out of onions, tomatoes and chicken before baking it with rice. I don’t have her recipe for it, but I will gladly share my chicken biryani recipe in the new year!

I’m heading home to Seattle for the holidays, and I’ve already got a list of dishes I plan to cook with my mom and brother. Look forward to postings about those soon.

Until then, enjoy one more glimpse at this meal. I’ll note that while T is an excellent cook, what took the evening over the top was her presentation. She baked the biryani on a clay plate, then served it on the floor, traditional style, with a beautiful tablecloth:

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