Spanish chicken and rice

In case there have been too many media posts and too few food ones for your taste, I am here to redeem myself. I’ve definitely been cooking, but work has been so busy that I haven’t had time to post what I make. Last week, I decided a hearty baked chicken-and-rice dish would be just the right way to use up a whole chicken I had in my freezer and make something to warm up the belly on these winter days. I made arroz con pollo, Spanish for chicken and rice. The process was a little more time consuming than I expected, but the result was delicious.

I used this Tyler Florence recipe as a base. The spice mix you see pictured left is straight from his recipe, and it was really flavorful and smoky in the best of ways.

Basically you have to give everything a saute before it goes in the oven, which is the time-consuming part.

With so many vegetables in the pot, it took some time for me to soften them. You also have to brown the chicken pieces and saute the sausage. These steps are essential, because you need all that flavor to infuse the rice in the oven.

Instead of chorizo, I used a chicken sausage. I’m sure that changed the flavor quite a bit, as chorizo has a strong paprika and pepper flavor palate. But the flavor of cured meat is really the important thing here, and I think the end result came out quite delicious.

Here’s a shot before the pot went in the oven:

Note: I didn’t make the salsa verde in Tyler’s recipe. Instead, I just served the dish with cilantro, olives and limes. It definitely felt moist enough without the salsa, but if you give the salsa a go, let me know how it turns out. This recipe makes 8 healthy portions, and the dish was a hit at the potluck where I shared it with friends. I won’t post the recipe here, since it isn’t mine, but just follow this link and get cooking!

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