New gig at work

Good news on the professional front. I’m officially the tech reporter for CQ now! I covered grass-roots lobbying at Roll Call for the last year, before which I reported on the same beat for, a joint project of CQ Roll Call. I think that makes me the only reporter to have worked on all sides of the business.

From today’s Roll Call, my last story on the lobbying beat:

GOTV a Mission of Hispanic Media
Ambreen Ali, 3/5/12

In the steamy world of Spanish soap operas, a plot about the U.S. Census may seem out of place.

But that’s just the sort of programming Hispanic media companies hope will drive millions of Latinos to the polls this fall. While their English counterparts shy away from direct advocacy, Spanish-language media executives say it is central to their mission.

“Empowering the Latino community is part of our DNA,” Cesar Conde, president of Univision Networks, said in an email to Roll Call.

Read on at Roll Call.

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