Spring has sprung

In addition to my new job as tech reporter, I am starting another venture in my life. For my birthday last month, B gifted me a cooking class with Just Simply … Cuisine. It’s a little-known DC gem run by Chris, an amazing woman and cook whose mission is to make cooking more accessible to all.

We made bruschetta, beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and the luscious olive oil cake pictured above. Everything was made from scratch, and it tasted like it. My friends and I walked away with great cooking tips … but I wanted more.

I was so happy to receive a follow-up e-mail from Chris inviting me to work with Just Simply … Cuisine. I am now an “intern” for the classes, meaning I get to show up early, hang out with that wonderful woman and help her prep. Then she feeds me copious amounts of delicious cuisine while showing me how to make it. Umm, sign me up!

It’s so exciting for me to have a space to explore my culinary interests and learn from someone other than myself. I had been looking for just this sort of opportunity, and now I have it! Chris has also welcomed me and B to work in her garden whenever we want, giving us the opportunity to learn how to care for and grow wonderful foods in your own backyard. Word is there might even be a chicken coop by summer!

I have been cooking much but posting little, mostly because B and I have been swamped with apartment hunting and work. We just signed for a wonderful place in Capitol Hill, and it has an amazing kitchen I can’t wait to share with all of you. More posts as soon as we settle in, I promise!

Here’s a shot of the birthday girl making her own cake:

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