Avocado and chicken sandwiches

Remember that chicken I roasted last weekend? Here’s how I made it stretch:

I plucked all the leftover meat off for the sandwiches I describe below, then stored the bones in a freezer bag to make stock later on. The drippings, excess skin and roasted garlic went into a pan with 1 tbsp. of cornstarch that I diluted first in 1/4 cup of water. After the gravy thickened, I saved it to eat with the rest of the mashed potatoes.

Literally every bit of that chicken was used, it went a lot further than the single meal we had the night I roasted it. The reason I started thinking this way in the first place, aside from the clear economics of it, was because I get really bored of repetitive leftovers. Rather than throw away excess food, think of ways that you can use it to build another meal: Toss leftover veggies in pasta, use meat to add a protein boost to salads, consider using excess sauces on rice, etc.

Okay, I’m done with the high horse. On to scrumptious avocado and chicken sandwiches. I’ve been looking for interesting cold lunch recipes now that I am on the go most of my work day. Instead of using the office microwave to heat up leftovers (which isn’t ideal in the first place), I am often scarfing down a meal as I run around the Capitol covering events. Portability is key for those lunches. Here’s an attempt at making a meal that’s not just convenient to eat, but delicious.

When my mom would roast chicken for us, she always used the leftover meat to create chicken sandwiches. She’d simply toss the chicken with a little mayonnaise, add pepper, and slap the mixture into two pieces of bread. These were some of my favorite cold lunches in grade school.

Building on that theme, I decided to mix the leftover chicken meat with avocado. I layered that in between cheese slices, arugula and toasted, buttered whole wheat bread for a delicious midday treat.

Recipe after the jump.

Toast 6 slices of bread to your liking. Butter them on one side and set aside.

In a small bowl, mash together 2 small avocados and 1 tbsp. of mayonnaise. Mix in 1 tbsp. chopped parsley, the juice of 1/2 a lime (to prevent browning) and salt and pepper to taste. Add in 1 cup of cooked shredded chicken.

Assemble by layering one slice of bread, buttered side facing into the sandwich; a handful of arugula or salad greens; the chicken mixture; a slice of your favorite cheese (I used muenster because I had it on hand); and another slice of bread, again with buttered side facing in. Repeat with the other four slices.

Yields 3 sandwiches that are simple and yummy! Please post in the comments if you give it a try, and let me know if you change anything up. (Note: Next time, I have slow-roasted tomatoes on hand, I’ll definitely toss them into this sandwich for an extra zing of flavor. I could also see this sandwich going Latin with more guacamole-inspired seasonings such as onion and cilantro.)

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