Blue corn tamale with shrimp and corn

This isn’t my recipe, but I wanted to share this delicious flavor explosion with all of you. I made my first attempt at tamales, and they came out excellent thanks to the thorough instructions provided by Southwestern Chef Bobby Flay in his class tamale recipe. I substituted Bob’s Red Mill Blue Cornmeal for the yellow stuff, but otherwise followed the recipe to a tee. The result was truly scrumptious. Both B and I were blown away by how much flavor this dish packed, and I really recommend giving it a try if you’re up for playing around with new techniques in the kitchen!

One thought on “Blue corn tamale with shrimp and corn

  1. Between this and the posole, you are my Latin American food guru! I tried this last night and it was really good! The tamales were a little tricky but definitely worth trying again to perfect the technique. I think the shrimp and sauce would be good on anything! I love that you used blue cornmeal to give a little dimension to the presentation. Ours was all white/yellow! Hope you are enjoying your vacation! 🙂

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