Getting back in the cooking groove


Three years ago, B gifted me a class at Just Simply… Cuisine as a birthday gift. On Sunday, I co-taught my second class at JSC, a marker of the progress I have made as a student of food.

It was only fitting that it be the place that I return to cooking after my maternity leave. Baby S was born on January 13, and I have sustained myself since on anti-colic chicken soup and lactation cookies, courtesy of the midwives who helped bring my son into the world in a beautiful birth. But S is now six weeks old, and I finally feel like I have enough of a handle on motherhood to begin cooking again. Here’s a photo of him visiting with Chris, the founder of JSC:


Eleven people attended the JSC winter class, where they learned to make a hearty menu of kale salad, decadent macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie and chocolate bread pudding. I taught the latter two recipes, the first of which was featured first on this blog! For the class, we made a classic butter crust and used chicken instead of turkey. None of the students had made a pie crust from scratch before, and it was a real pleasure showing them how simple it can be.

Now that I’ve returned to the kitchen, I’m looking forward to the next JSC class, which will feature a spring menu sometime in May. Stay tuned, and consider signing up for a chance to learn the cooking techniques featured here and sample the dishes firsthand!

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