Food allergies and our diets

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this blog and how to better utilize this space. It seems to me that there are plenty of food blogs out there that are journal style and include recipes. How am I adding any benefit by posting mine? Some people express interest in my overall food philosophy, and my interest in food has certainly extended beyond recipes and cooking to our food lifestyles — namely, how what we eat affects how we live.

This study on children’s food allergies is an example of the sort of reading piquing my interest these days. It states that introducing rice cereals to children before 4.5 months of age may be linked to an uptick in food allergies. It was mentioned in a New York Times article that attempts to explain why children all over the world are seeing an uptick in food allergies. The study emphasizes a Mediterranean diet, including fish, oats, and barley, to decrease the risk of allergies.

My son’s pediatrician also said a Mediterranean style diet, which includes small fish such as sardines that float close the ocean’s surface and absorb plenty of Vitamin D, could help address deficiencies that are so common in minorities living in America. Our skin physically needs more sunshine than the Northern Hemisphere, particularly this time of year, is providing. I supplement Baby S’s breastmilk with Vitamin D drops, but it bothers me a bit because I really wanted to stick exclusively to breastmilk. Hopefully by summer we can phase out the drops and make sure that he’s getting plenty of sun to nourish him.

My point about the study and the vitamin D deficiency is that the sort of mindless eating most of us have become accustomed to in the U.S. is dangerous to our health. We need to think more about how what we consume impacts our organs, susceptibility to disease and overall energy. It’s a topic I hope to explore more on this blog, especially as my 9-week-old begins to explore this world through food.

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