Write, cook, repeat.

Food and journalism. Two disparate passions of mine that I have long tried to balance on this blog. I’ve tried to limit my posts on the home page to items about cooking, leaving the menu links to speak for my work as a reporter. After all, a page that is sometimes about shrimp curry and sometimes about marijuana legalization can be a bit confusing.

Imagine my excitement, then, when I finally published an article about food! Here it is, folks. Food and journalism combined:


That little story was so fun, and so tasty, to write. I got to sample the cardamom black pepper ice cream, and it was delicious! Check out the full piece.

That’s just one of the many freelance pieces I have written since leaving CQ Roll Call in August. I continue to write about politics and tech, but I’ve also done an in-depth piece for a magazine on global education initiatives that are changing our world. I’ve written about the streetcars rolling into D.C., and about the Italian government’s effort to pull the Costa Concordia cruise liner out of the Mediterranean. And I’m doing a regular series on Washington-area graduate programs, including this piece on the rising trend of online courses.

I have also been staying busy in the kitchen. I’ve taught a few classes at Just Simply … Cuisine, including one on South Asian cuisine with recipes similar to those on this blog. Have you been cooking? I have, and I’m looking forward to share more tasty nuggets with you soon.

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