My new favorite way to make salmon

We made teriyaki salmon for dinner tonight, with a sriracha mayo that knocked my socks off. I’ve been working on trying to figure out a sriracha mayo that hits the right notes of spicy and sweet; this one suggests a bit of condensed milk, and that really seemed to set it apart. Try it! I’m going to be putting it on everything, and that’s a dangerous proposition.

The salmon was good baked in the oven, but I’d skip the cornstarch in the recipe since that just got gummy in the oven. And I’d grill this, as soon as we get a grill. We’re working on our backyard right now. The seeds are sprouting in the vegetable garden, the patio furniture is out and now we just have to wait for the good weather to get cooking outside. I’m so excited, and I really, truly plan to post the adventures here — recent absences aside.

I served this salmon with shitake mushrooms and broccoli, which I just threw in a cast-iron skillet alongside the salmon and cooked in the marinade. I added a little bit of oil to the veggies, and I topped them off with sesame seeds before serving. Even Sufi loved this meal, and that toddler can be picky! Do yourself a favor and try this recipe.

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