Next time you have 5 minutes to cook…

I can cook a meal in five minutes if I have shopped properly. That’s the truth. When you have tasty ingredients that you’ve bought from the farmers’ market and you have things in your pantry that are good. Then it takes no time to cook them. I have greens from the garden and I have, maybe I have chicken breast. I sauté that. I make a little vinaigrette for a salad. Three minutes for that. I put the greens in a bowl. I am washing them while I am cooking the chicken. And then, maybe I boil a little potato. Maybe I have some brown rice. That’s it.

That’s Alice Waters on her go-to quick meal. It sound delicious, honestly. The interview itself is interesting, although I find her thoughts on food and her personal history more interesting than her opinions on how to fix our larger food system. I feel like she’s speaking a little out of her league on that one, and her stubborn optimism that everyone can afford to eat organically will alienate many.

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