How I beat my pregnancy cravings

I’m expecting again, and honestly, I’m not doing as good of a job this time in staying healthy. All I seem to crave is carbs and sugar. Last time, it was more spice than anything else, and I was part of a midwifery practice in D.C. that was pretty awesome about staying on top of my nutrition. They urged me to up my dark-greens intake since my iron was low, so I got in the habit of making kale shakes in the morning.

What I found was that a filling breakfast would help me get through my day without feeling desperate cravings. We tend to crave sugar when our bodies feel very hungry, so as long as you keep your stomach satiated with the good stuff, you’re less likely to reach for the cookie. That’s my theory at least!

As part of my quest to fill up on breakfast, I decided a few weeks ago to indulge myself with baked eggs. This is one of those recipes that is remarkably simple but has a big wow factor.

It’s so simple you don’t need a recipe, and you can change things up based on what you have on hand. Here’s a version with cream, one without greens, and another using fresh tomato. (You’re welcome for all the Googling I just did for you.)

For my version, all you do is saute some greens (kale in my case, with a spot of minced garlic), lay them in an oven-proof pan, and make two little holes where you plan to place your eggs. Ladle a little marinara sauce at the bottom, if you’ve got it on hand, or just some plain old tomato sauce.

Crack the eggs into the space you created, drizzle a bit of olive oil over the top, and stick the dish in a 400-degree oven until the eggs set. I like my yolks a little runny, so I should have pulled them out in about 12 minutes. I waited until 15, and at that point the egg was more set. Your preference!

Top with salt, pepper and some parsley if you’ve got it. Dig in with a chunk of bread and enjoy! This meal is a bit of a treat and makes you feel like you’re out at brunch. It’s totally worth indulging in, even if you aren’t pregnant!

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