Gooey yummy chocolate cupcakes

I was in the mood for some chocolate cake yesterday but didn’t want to make a giant batch that would lead to overeating, so I searched around for a recipe that makes individual-sized portions.

I discovered this amazingly simple method for making four portions of chocolate cake, which were the perfect amount for us to enjoy with a scoop of ice cream each. It’s a very rich recipe, heavy on the chocolate, so vanilla ice cream or whipped cream feel essential.

Give these a try next time you feel like eating chocolate cake and want to satisfy that craving within 20 minutes.

A few notes on the recipe: It’s difficult to get the cake out of the cupcake tins, so if you’re serving this to guests, bake in round cupcake-sized ramekins and just dollop scoops of ice cream over them before serving with spoons. Dust with powdered sugar or add a garnish of mint or strawberry to really make it look like you worked hard!

And, I found 12 minutes to be just right, but some commentators have said that they had to let the cakes cook a little longer. Just look for the cracked tops and be aware that the cakes will deflate slightly as they cool.

Follow the recipe exactly for success, including starting with room temperature ingredients, carefully folding in the cooled melted chocolate and flour, and cooling the mixture before baking it.

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