Berry-beet smoothie

spelt is a useful tool if you’re trying to calculate calories. It has a fairly extensive database of branded and natural food products that pull up quickly as you type in the quantity and type of food you’d like to look up. What’s nice is that you can build a list, so you can input a bunch of ingredients that went into making, say, a smoothie, and it will add up the total nutrition facts. (My Fitbit app also does this, but that requires a lot more button pushing than this simple interface does.)

The image above lists the calories for two 12-oz. servings of a berry-beet smoothie I made this morning for me and B, who showed me this site. It isn’t perfect, so some things are an approximation, but the list also serves as a handy recipe in case you’re wondering how to make the smoothie. Just drop everything in a blender and give it a whirl. Note that the item listed as “plain” is actually plain yogurt. Full fat, in my case, because I love whole-fat dairy.

What are your go-to smoothies? It’s easy for me to fall back on some variant of the smoothie above, or a peanut butter-banana version I also consume often. I’d love more ideas!

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