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I took a good part of this year off to focus on raising my daughter, who was born last fall. I’ve started freelancing again, however, and I am feeling pulled back in the game now that the presidential election is over. The country voted for major, major change, and I think it’s an awakening for many of us.

I was reminded of the time I spent covering the Tea Party movement as I reflected on the Trump victory and many people’s shock that it happened. Like many people living in urban centers and the coasts, I work up Tuesday morning expecting to end the day with the country having elected its very first female president. That Donald Trump could win seemed unthinkable, and yet, many other Americans saw it coming. Why did we ignore them?

Reflecting on that led me to write a piece for KCTS 9, the Seattle-area PBS station.

I’ve received a lot of support for my words, but also a lot of anger. Some liberals believe that it is wrong to offer empathy to people who chose to back a racist or misogynist man to serve their selfish interests. They say that those same people have ignore the plight of minorities and continue to do so.

On the right, there are many college-educated, well-to-do conservatives who backed Trump even though they have not been left economically behind. They don’t believe the typecasting of Americans voting for Trump because they were so desperate is accurate, and say that they chose to back him because they see him outside of the party system, because appointing conservative Supreme Court justices will have impact way beyond four years, and because the media painted him out to be a racist megalomaniac but that he is not.

Time will help us understand what the implications of electing Trump are. I had been pretty checked out of the election, perhaps not unlike many others who were not excited by either candidate, but now I am so motivated to re-engage. I hope you are too!

And because politics isn’t everything, I am also going to revisit the food blog. I haven’t been blogging about it, but food is still my comfort and escape. I have been assisting with cooking classes at a local school, The Pantry, and am continuing to develop recipes. I’m also starting to write about food for other outlets. Stay tuned!

Lattice pie

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