Paris, ’08

This portfolio site showcases my work as a writer and editor. I am a freelancer based in Maplewood, New Jersey, with 15 years of experience in journalism in topics including politics, business and culture.

Food is the focus of this site because that is my big passion project these days. I began jotting down and clipping recipes in elementary school, helped my mom stuff homemade samosas every Ramadan and have taught and assisted in cooking schools on both coasts.

I am most interested in writing that explores how food can tell deeper stories about the American immigrant experience. The U.S. became my home when I was five and my family left everything and everyone behind in Pakistan in search of a better life. I love our delicious little melting pot and am doing my part to share the love.

When my two kids aren’t keeping me busy, I continue to write about digital marketing, technology, travel and Congress — topics I have covered in the past and still find fascinating. Many of those clips are on this site.