Islamophobia and the Sikh shootings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about work, but I did want to share a recent radio interview. I spoke with NPR’s To The Point about the recent shooting at a Wisconsin gurudwara that left seven people dead, including the gunman. The show focused on Islamophobia, which many believe to be the reason for the shooting, although we don’t know that for sure yet. … Continue reading Islamophobia and the Sikh shootings

Privacy: A foreign concept?

From CQ Weekly, my first policy article as tech reporter:

The Federal Trade Commission wrapped up a multi-year review of consumer privacy issues last week, concluding that Congress should pass a bill to protect data online.

The agency’s call echoed a White House proposal last month, which outlined a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights that President Obama wants Congress to enact.

The usual congressional inertia means that nothing is likely to happen anytime soon. But inaction in this field has an unusual consequence: It’s creating a vacuum, which is being filled by the European Union’s privacy policies, ensuring that they will become the global standard. That prospect does not sit well with U.S. companies.

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Keystone pipeline finds new opponents

On Roll Call’s front page today, this story about an unusual alliance between tea partyers and the Sierra Club: The latest obstacle to the Keystone XL oil pipeline project comes from tea partyers, much to the delight of environmentalists. Property-rights conservatives, water supply activists and landowners are banding together along the pipeline’s proposed route through Texas, challenging plans to claim land for the proposed pipeline … Continue reading Keystone pipeline finds new opponents

Backlash against birth control mandate

My front-page story in Roll Call today argued that the conservative backlash against the Obama administration’s new birth-control mandate may actually help the president’s election campaign. I spoke on Fox News and MSNBC about the piece. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Greta Van Susteren, who discussed Pakistan with me off camera. I also ran into Karl Rove in the Fox greenroom. Here’s an … Continue reading Backlash against birth control mandate